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The Boring Bits

But you really ought to read them!

At Cuckoo Farm, Rutland Organics produces organic turkeys, chicken, lamb, venison and pork as well as running a seasonal campsite and shop. As a small organic farm, we have few staff, so we are often busy on the farm.

Our animals are all organic and we are passionate about their welfare. We make every effort to produce them to the highest standards, minimise stress and bring you slow grown, traditional, flavoursome meat and poultry.

You can find out more about our farm and stock on the About Us page and our sister site

Images of the products on this website are representative of the products.

Privacy & Safety

We use Stripe for processing payments, so they are secure. We do not keep a record of card details.

When you fill in a form with your contact details,  or make a purchase, we only use these details to answer your query, email newsletters if you allow, or to complete your order. We will never sell your details.

We only share your details with others  if we need to - to complete an order (courier) or are required to by law.


Cookies are small snippets of data that are stored on your device and can be used to make visiting websites easier - remembering links, purchases etc.

We use cookies on this website. Session cookies remember what you put in your basket when you move from page to page. If you disable these you may be unable to make a purchase or the website may not function as it should.

We also use cookies to track which pages you visit on the site which helps us know how customers use the site. Data from these cookies is anonymous. 

Cookies can be disabled in your browser (see privacy and security settings in your browser), but if all cookies are disabled you will probably not be able to make a purchase.

You can delete cookies from your device at any time.

Wholesale Enquiries

We sell the vast majority of our products direct to the consumer.

If you have a specific enquiry please call us on 01780 722009 or use the Contact form.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

(processed securely by Stripe)

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